(EPs Collection vol -3)

Remastering of ORIENTAL, the third EP by Merlim, released in 2000. This EP brings some of the band’s songs that were most successful among their fans. In fact, Lolita (inspired by the famous romance by Nobokov) and Oriental (by Lion and Bolão in partnership) are some of those songs which Merlim cannot stop playing in any of their shows. Another compositionRuas Molhadas (“Wet Streets”) became the first and one of the few Merlim’s clips. The fourth song of the EP, Seres Pequenos (“Small Beings”) – an acid criticism of Brazilian society – is, according to Lion himself, the best song he wrote for Merlim. Production was split between the band and Sao Paulo’s guitarist and producer Kuaker.


Ruas Molhadas


Seres Pequenos