A Arte da Automutilação

The Art of Self-mutilation

Poetry which confronts, incites, overflows in sensibility. No less could be expected from the imaginary of the multidisciplinary artist Felipe Lion, who was a prodigy since early age, being chosen at age 12 to be part of the Sao Paulo Juvenile Academy of Letters. Later he graduated as a classical dancer, improving his knowledge at the school of the National Ballet of Cuba. Currently, Lion divides his activities, as well as writing, as the vocalist of two bands of different genres: Merlim, with an “indie” bias, and Last Aliens in Rio, with the slight and melodic proposal of “new” bossa nova. Both groups play repertoires with lyrics of his authorship. It is clear that by engaging his diverse talents in different cultural areas, Felipe Lion achieved a deep and special understanding of human nature. His poetry, full of liveliness, seeks to illustrate this unique point of view, reflecting, in many cases, on the little understood existence of man in this world; in others, on the intense and passionate relationship between two lovers and, sometimes, bringing recollections, memories and intimate questions that translate universal feelings to everyone. The Art of Self-mutilation is a book which absorbs by the different approach of each poem, some with touches of magical realism and others with the romantic aroma of nineteenth-century sonnets… Felipe Lion is, therefore, at the same time, unpredictable and committed: a true “cultural-citizen”. The welcome restfulness of the author offers us a breathtaking work – essential reading to feed the soul.

Laura Wie, presenter and journalist specializing in culture

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