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(EPs Collection vol -4)

Remastering of SEM AR (“WITHOUT AIR”), the fourth EP by Merlim, released in 2002. In this work the band shows one of their few cover versions, the song Fala (“Speak”) of Secos&Molhados (not available for this edition). In addition to this song, three other Lion’s compositions are part of the album: Se For Falar das FloresDádivas and Sem Ar (“If You’re Going to Talk about Flowers”, “Presents” and “Without Air”), the latter written by Lion as a tribute to bassist Zé Luiz Zambianchi, who had just left the band. Dádivas is a very important song for the band, because from then on almost all songs became collective creations of the members of Merlim. Only lyrics continued to be written exclusively by Lion.


Se For falar das flores


Sem Ar

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